...if my heart could beat...

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I don't think it's ever been so hard for me to write a poem. I cried all the way through this.

You cried the day we brought you home,
so I held you through the night.

Loving you was easy,
for your own was so forthright.

When he broke my heart, you sat with me
And licked away each tear.

And while in pain--your eyes, so gold--
comforted most sincere.

But now, it seems, our time's run out.
We finally reached the stick.

A tail wags so slowly now,
with each resounding tick.

Now who will soothe my broken heart
and take away my tears?

I'll hold you through the night, sweetheart
so you will have no fears.

And so I lay myself beside you now,
and we'll both close our eyes.

And dream that we can save tomorrow
for our last goodbyes.


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