...if my heart could beat...

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Title:  Completion (Close Your Eyes Series)
Genre: Angst, Drama, Drabble
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 234
A/N: Set during the Android Saga. 
Summary: Follows "Comfort". Bulma remembers.


She saw him move forward and stop. She didn't see him reach out, though. Perhaps that might have stopped the tears from coming.

By now she had placed her arms around her midsection. There was a knot...it felt like someone had taken barbed wire and wrapped it over and over again, across her stomach. Such a sharp, clenching pain.

Like when he had died.


...finally she looked up and saw that he was still watching her, with that intense expression. And she saw the longing.

He did love her!

Immediately she scrambled to her feet, almost falling several times. When she finally gained her balance, she moved to him.

And looked him straight in the eyes.

No longer were they emotionless. Maybe they had never been. What she saw in them was a blind emotion...so powerful she couldn't place it. Torture. Longing. Fear. Happiness.

He was happy to see her!

She choked back a sob. She never thought that she would ever again...


...and she was the reason.

She leaned forward.



This time he didn't step back.

The kiss was subtle. Tender. Only their lips met. But it was the most intimate they had ever been.

She squeezed her eyes shut, and a tear rolled slowly down her cheek.

His eyes never closed. They remained open for the entire kiss.

She didn't know.

But he didn't want to ever forget.



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