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Title:  Consequences (Close Your Eyes Series)
Genre: Angst, Drama, Drabble
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 209
A/N: Set during the Android Saga. 
Summary: Follows "Completion". Together, they'll remember.


So it hadn't been a dream after all.

Abruptly, he broke the kiss. And pulled back.

Her eyes were still closed. Gradually, she opened them, and he saw they were watery...rimmed with red...ready to overflow once more.

Why did he always have to hurt her? He glared in his anger.

And it shocked her so bad, she jerked back. Her face crumbled.

He quickly averted his eyes, looking at the ground.

She shook her head and more tears fell.

"You..." Her voice was quavering. She took a moment to calm herself.

"...you never loved me...did you?"

It was a throaty whisper...disfigured with tears.

His head shot up, his eyes unbelieving.

He shook his head slowly to himself.

"Oh!" The tortured wail tore itself from her throat before she fell forward.

But she never hit the ground.

He crushed her to his chest, shivering with the intensity of his anguish. Fervently, he kissed her face. He kissed her everywhere he could reach. He ran his fingers up through her hair.

For a moment, he just held her.


His breath hotly brushed her ear.

"...never..." He repeated, and seemed to choke on the word.


He searched for his words. Finally they came in a quiet whisper.

"...never think that."



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