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Title:  Control (Close Your Eyes Series)
Genre: Angst, Drama, Drabble, Tragedy
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 360
A/N: Set during the Android Saga. 
Summary: Follows "Consequences". Bulma never forgot.


"I love you..." She murmured against his neck. His arms tightened. "I..."

She turned her face to look into his eyes.

"I..never...I never told you..."

She pressed her forehead to his cheek.

"But...I did."

Her eyes misted over again. "And I never stopped..."

It was so hard for her to see.

"...how could I?"

The tears in her eyes were making it foggy. And it was getting darker.

Too dark.


Her voice trembled with fear.

"...what...what's happening?"

He pulled her closer.

"It will...be fine..." His voice deepened. "It will be fine, Bulma."

She felt as though she was being pulled away from his arms, but he still held her.

"No!" She cried, locking her arms around him. "No! Not yet. I...I don't..."

Her voice became broken again.

"I don't want to go! Please...please..."

She placed her forehead against his and whispered to him.

"Please don't make me go."

He wanted to close his eyes. He didn't want her to see...but...he wanted to remember her forever.

"Why did this happen?!" She suddenly screamed. "Why?! Only to have it taken away!"

His voice came out low. "I was granted a wish."

She froze. She could barely make her mouth form her next words.

"W-what...did y-you get?"

He swallowed. His eyes held her own. They were bloodshot.

"...a moment of happiness."

He was beginning to fade. She tried to hold on.

"Don't leave me...not again..."

She could no longer see him. There was only blackness.

But she felt him...

...one last time...

...just before she lost consciousness...

...in the form of a kiss...

...placed gently on her forehead.



The light burned Bulma's eyes. Her son was leaning over her.

Her dazed confusion slowly disappeared. And a smile broke out on her face.

"Trunks!" She cried, and gathered him in a tight hug. "You're finally back!"

"Mom," his muffled voice came brokenly from her shoulder. "Mom...Mom, I thought the androids had killed you."

Bulma stiffened. "The androids!"

"They're gone," Trunks replied in a grim tone. "Finally."

They were gone. The androids were finally gone. All the destruction. The fear. The pain. Gone.



Finally, there would be peace...


...and happiness.





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